As Indians, we are aware of our diverse cultures and traditions.

And each of these we celebrate with much devotion and passion. However, somewhere we are overlooking the threat to our environment when we are engrossed in our festivities. Our environment is facing serious threats and is crumbling under the waste left behind by us after the festivals are over.
One of the major examples of this is the Ganeshotsav.


    • Prabhu Deva launchingTGG 2014 Prabhu Deva or launching 8 th Edition of Times Green Ganesha 2014 at Lala Lajpatrai College
    • Lauren Gottlieb visited Ganpati mandalLauren Gottlieb visited Ganpati mandal
    • Makrand Despande visited Ganpati Mandal Makrand Despande visited Ganpati Mandal
    • Workshop at Andhra School Wadala Workshop at Andhra School Wadala
    • Terence Lewis and Shaina NC Terence Lewis and Shaina NC at Beach Cleanup Drive






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  • Green Ganesha is beautiful way of showing devotion for lord Ganesha and preserving your nature at the same time. let's just say that the initiative shows people how religious sentimens and nature can co-exist wonderfully
    Manjiri, Teacher
  • Pollution is rising and to control Times green ganesha is a best initiative.
    Dinkar, Employee
  • Ganesha getting green
    Ramesh, Employee
  • Green Ganesha is abest initiative
    Radha Vaidya House wife